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Mulberry Silk Georgette is an exquisitely soft and lustrous yarn made with 25% Mulberry Silk and 75% Extrafine Merino Wool. Ideal for baby and to wear close to the skin. Hand wash only.


Mulberry Silk is the finest, smoothest and most lustrous silk available in the market. A premium is paid for Mulberry Silk, which was first developed in China and is made from the silkworms of the Bombyx Mori Moth. The moths are kept in a controlled environment, free from noise and strong odor and are fed exclusively on Mulberry leaves. Mulberry Silk is superior to other "wild silks" which are grown from a variety of feeds, and which tend to be rougher in texture, heavier and less lustrous.


75% Wool, 25% Mulberry Silk 
Tension: 25 sts & 33 rows measured over 10cm of Stocking stitch using 3.25mm needles (USA 3) (UK 10). 
Length: 165m (180 yds), 
50g ball (1 3/4 oz).


This yarn replaces Alpaca Silk Georgette (which is being phased out) and knits to a very similar tension, therefore Alpaca Silk Georgette patterns may be used with this yarn. Resulting garments will be a little lighter and softer. Many of the Alpaca Silk Georgette shades have been duplicated within the Mulberry Silk Georgette range.


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