Pattern Corrections

Pattern Leaflets
001 - 299

006 Raglan Sweater

It has been brought to our attention that sizes B and C in this pattern are too large. We have since corrected the digital version of this pattern to make this a 'one size fits most' garment. If you have purchased an older version of the pattern which shows 3 garment sizes, please follow instructions for size A which is roomy enough to fit most people.

020 Cable Wrap

After the rib band for the sleeves, the pattern states: end on C row. This is an error, instead it should read: end on WS row, same as for the back and fronts, since the next row is the establishment row and indicates at the beg: RS.

208 Sunday Throw

Yarn quantity required should be 24 balls.

Length of throw should be 137cm (not 150cm).