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Pattern Corrections

Pattern Leaflets
001 - 299

006 Raglan Sweater

It has been brought to our attention that sizes B and C in this pattern are too large. We have since corrected the digital version of this pattern to make this a 'one size fits most' garment. If you have purchased an older version of the pattern which shows 3 garment sizes, please follow instructions for size A which is roomy enough to fit most people.

020 Cable Wrap

After the rib band for the sleeves, the pattern states: end on C row. This is an error, instead it should read: end on WS row, same as for the back and fronts, since the next row is the establishment row and indicates at the beg: RS.

036 Ruffle Scarf

Needles required for this project should be changed as follows;

6.50mm changed to 5.50mm

5.50mm changed to 4.50mm

4.50mm changed to 3.50mm

189 Anya Sweater

Small size: Cast on should be 80 not 82. 

Small size only: Increase 2 sts in last WS row of rib.

208 Sunday Throw

Yarn quantity required should be 24 balls.

Length of throw should be 137cm (not 150cm).


212 Somerville Vest

This vest pattern is missing the pattern for the sleeve rib on the digital download individual pattern and also in the Holiday Island / Book Three.

Here is the sleeve rib pattern.

Using 4.00mm circular needles and col A or main colour and with RS facing pick up and knit 104(104,112,112) sts.
Work rounds of k2,p2 rib until sleeve ribs measure 2.5cms.
Cast off in rib.

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