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A sweet doll knitted in Soho Summer DK Cotton. She has her own clothes that are knitted separately, including a striped sweater, flared pants and pinafore. She is worked in Stocking stitch, with some simple embroidery to finish the look.



See images of colour options to replace shades out of production.

Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton x 50g balls 
Col A 227 Putty 1  (face)
Col B 230 Rockpool 1 (stripe tshirt 1) (out of production)
Col C 219 Sailboat 1 (stripe tshirt 2) (out of production)
Col D 234 Currant 1 (dress)
Col E 222 Freesia 1 (pants)
Col F 228 Calico 1 (hair)


1 pair 4.00mm needles (USA 6) (UK 8).


Thin elastic. 
Red and black yarn scraps for eyes and mouth.


023 Dolly - digital download

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