Pattern available as a digital download with the Crochet Hat and double Moss Beanie patterns.

A very easy beginner pattern. Each glove is a simple rectangle of Stocking stitch with Garter stitch edges and a single seam. An opening is left in the seam for a thumbhold.

Suitable for a beginner Knitter.


Yarn Quantities/ shade 
Jo Sharp Silkroad Ultra 
2 x 50g balls / Nero 721


7.00mm (USA 10.5) (UK 2)


Crochet Hat

Yarn Quantities/shade 
Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton 
Version 1 
2 x 50g balls / Carmen 221 


Version 2 
1 x 50g ball / Peppercorn 425 (out sample hat was worked with exactly one ball of yarn, however if the hat is worked slightly looser more yarn may be required)


Version 1 – 5.00mm crochet hook 
Version 2 – 5.50mm crochet hook


Double Moss Beanie

Yarn Quantities/shade 
Version 1 
Jo Sharp Silkroad Ultra 
3 x 50g balls / Cement 722 


Version 2 
Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool 
2 x 50g balls / Winter 904 
Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair 
2 x 25g balls / Cranberry 640


5.50mm 40cm circular needles (USA 9) (UK 5), 7.00mm 40cm circular needles (USA 10.5) (UK 2), stitch marker


057 Fingerless Gloves + beanie & hat - digital download

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