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Three easy stripes and textured sections are knitted using a combination of Stocking stitch and Garter stitch with a selection of harmonising shades. The three completed panels are joined to create a luxurious patterned heirloom throw. The striped pattern on the centre piece differs from the stope pattern on the two outside sections which creates an interesting contrast in the patterning. Knitting this project in sections makes it suitable to carry with you during progress.


Suitable for a beginner Knitter.


Yarn Quantities/ shade 
Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed 
6 x 50g balls / Ash 120 
4 x 50g balls / Tartan 125 
4 x 50g balls / Jewel 124 
5 x 50g balls / Highland 126


Width – 120cm 
Length – 150cm


5.00mm (USA 8) (UK 6)

172 Textured Throw -digital download

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