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A soft pliable Basket Weave stitch cowl, using super soft tweed yarn. This pattern is worked on circular needles, which creates a permanent twisted effect without any seam. It is also possible to create this item without using circular needles, or using circular needles working back and forth on the needles rather than working “in the round”. In these simpler options, the cowl must be joined with a seam.


Colour Quantity

Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed 
Col 1 125 Tartan 3 x 50g ball


Measurements given in inches are approximate. 
One size only.

Length 77cm (when worn) 
Width 20cm


1 pair 8.00mm (USA 11) (UK 0) 
(40cm length) circular needles. 
1 pair 8.00mm (USA 11) (UK 0) 
(35cm length) straight needles.

12 sts and 20 rows measured over 10cm (approx 4 in) of Basket Weave Stitch using 8.00mm circular or straight needles with Silkroad Aran Tweed yarn.

301 Tartan Thatch Cowl -digital download

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